Philosophy / Vision

Is it possible to transport the aromas of homemade cooking thousands of kilometers away?

Thought it might semm complicated, in this article we prove that there are Spanish companies that manageto do it,with extremely tasty results. The recipe is a mixture of excitement,love for slow-cooked flavors, a good busines project and products bursting with flavor and authenticity. Our company make jams,chutneys and sauces that are 100% natural, using excellent raw materials and no additives.

"The initial idea came from Daniel Medrano,  La Tejea´s current quality director. His grandmother always made artisanal jams out of the fruit from her own garden and Daniel spent years studying how to fulfill his lifelong dream: to use his grandmother´s recipes to create a small company that would bring recognition to these Spanish artisanal foods".

This idea began with a clear objective: to collect the essence of nature, and commercializate it with solid bussines plan. Pilar - who manages the business side of La Tejea and is a member of this project´s founding team - tells us that this essence of nature in La Tejea comes from the Spanish raw materials that are used - many of which are from the nearby surroundings- and the production process. Both artisanal and virtually homemade,this process has been preserved by Daniel´s grandmother and other women from El Real de San Vicente and passed down to their families and descendents.

(The above text is part from a report thanks to FoodsFromSpain ).Link is below.